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Hotel Pickle

Full-Length Comedy

Six Men, Five Women

Two young innkeepers, Alex and Rolly, are

struggling to make a success of a once-elegant

hostelry in the Hamptons, but it's tough,

especially with the owner Lucinda Pickle

breathing down their necks. Of course it doesn't

help that the hotel's permanent resident, Mrs.

Prescott, collects pet mice; that the hotel chef,

Cookie, is given to bursting into tears and

resigning; and that a petty criminal, Willis the

pickpocket, is looking for a place to hide out.

When Hollywood horror movie producer Julian

K. Silverblatt checks in with his vain bodyguard

and his sneezing secretary, things really go nuts.

Add two romance plots and soon everything

spins out of control. Gunshots, UFO sightings,

characters falling off of roofs, chef's hats

catching flame, escaping mice and, of course,

lots of flying doors make Hotel Pickle winningly

clever and chaotic.  


The Nick of Time

Christmas Show

Full-Length Christmas Production

Flexible Cast of

Men and/or Women

The Nick of Time Christmas Show is a collection

of short comedy scenes all having to do with a

theatre troupe preparing a Christmas Eve

production. These funny sketches begin with

rehearsals the day of December twenty-fourth

and conclude that evening as the cast and

audience sing Christmas Carols.  

The Nick of Time Christmas Show can be

performed with a flexible cast of as few as eight

and as many as twenty-four performers. Your

group may double or triple cast the roles or you

may wish to cast all twenty-four characters. The

characters have non-gender nicknames and thus

can be played by either males or females.

Your production group is welcome to adapt the

show to your particular needs. You might choose

to present all of the scenes or you might wish to

leave a few out.   Most scenes take place in the

community hall which is decorated for the big

Christmas show.  A couple of scenes take place

in other locations. Scenery is minimal and

modular. The playwright suggests an

arrangement of chairs and benches.



I have another funny comedy entitled "Bubba." 

Two acts, two males, two females.


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Dakin Abernathy, noted film noir director, accuses his

neighbor of having murdered his own wife.  In fact,

Dakin, produces a severed woman’s thumb as evidence. 

Ted Mueller protests yet as the morning spins into

afternoon and a rainy evening, it begins to look as if Ted

might indeed be a murderer.  But there is something

about Dakin’s manner that suggests this could just be

one of his film noir plots.  Dakin’s wife, Angela,

complicates the situation with her unpredictable

personality.  Their daughter, Lana Veronica, comes

home for the weekend saying she is in trouble with the

law.  Ted begins to get Lana confused with the late movie

star, Veronica Lake.  Dakin and Ted play cat and mouse

over murder, breaking and entering, and the very nature

of fact and fiction.  Events build until the play itself

seems to become a film noir.

An impressive home in Connecticut.  The kitchen and

den blend into one another.  Attractive furniture and


Two men, two women.


The One With Olives

The art world anticipates the next great painting by

renowned artist, Mina Davenport.  But Mina has

abandoned her art and is living a Bohemian life in her

cabin in the Connecticut woods with houseguests:

Father Beau, a defrocked priest, and a runaway teen,


Art student, Danny Boudreaux, wins a summer

apprenticeship to study with Mina.  He plans to improve

his technique through Mina’s tutelage and enter the

league of fine artists. 

When Danny arrives at Mina’s cabin he is surprised by

her eccentric lifestyle and her thorny and uncooperative

attitude.  Soon he sees that Mina’s methods of

mentorship require him to uncover the secrets of his life

and to help her face some secrets of her own.  In doing

so, he enables her to start painting again and complete

her long awaited oeuvre, The One With Olives

Four additional actors play multiple characters, and

Mina’s Muses.

The play is stylized and calls for an arrangement of

scenic elements suggesting several locations:  New York

City, Mina’s studio in Connecticut and other locales. 

Shifts in lighting move the story from place to place,

time to time.


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